At Balance Works we believe that participating in meaningful activity is the cornerstone of building vital lives. In order to do more of what matters, one needs to reflect on their current and past choices with self-compassion in order to gain insight and build more meaning and purpose into their lives.


Our clients are intelligent, sensitive, capable  and want more out of life. We thrive on helping people who may be feeling overwhelmed by information and stuck with fear to make daily committed action to living life guided by their deepest values.


We build vitality in our clients

by helping them know and live their values wholeheartedly.

What our clients are saying

I wanted to take a moment to express my most sincere gratitude for your compassion, empathy, encouragement, guidance and inspiration.

     Past Client, CEO


You have an incredible gift for empathy, empowerment, sincerity, and creativity! I have felt so inspired by you personally. Your dedication to personal and professional growth are very apparent in the high calibre of your work and character. I have felt so lucky to come across an "outside of the box" thinker and believer. You have given me hope when I felt none and that is a transformative power within you.  

         Past Client, Health Care Professional

Thanks for the benefit of your wisdom, experience and empathy. It's reassuring to get a sense that we are doing the right things and there is a path forward.

     Past Client, Senior Leader

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