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 OTs, Ready to Rise and 
Live Fully? 

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Are you an Occupational Therapist who owns a business that is burning you out and you'd like drop the hustle and find more balance, values-alignment and vitality in the way you work and live?

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: Rise and Live Fully Program







  • 8 transformational modules rooted in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • 1:1 Breakthrough Coaching with Carlyn

  • Self-paced, indefinite access to the program components

  • Weekly collaborative coaching calls

  • A 24/7 community of like-minded helping professionals

  • Multi-media resources to guide you off the path to burnout toward balance, vitality and fulfillment

  • The best-selling ACTivate Vitality Personal Development Planner

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ACTivate Vitality was designed by a mental health OT for OTs.

Often busy, overwhelmed OTs struggle to make time for themselves. This program is flexible and can fit into even the busiest schedule.


Lessons are fine-tuned videos that you can access in your own time so you can move at your own pace, as fast or as slow as you like and you have lifetime access.

The companion ACTivate Vitality Personal Development Planner ​is undated so there is no pressure. You can pause any time you like, restart any time you like. 

We know that added pressure only increases stuckness so Carlyn uses evidence-based strategies to nurture behaviour change while creating clarity, accountability and committment to your goals.

With ACTivate Vitality you will ...

  • Gain clarity on what matters most and elevates you

  • Move into vitality-building action with support and accountability

  • Skills to overcome internal obstacles to action that are grounded in the science of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Occupational Science, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion

  • Engage in a community of supportive, like-minded helping professionals with the same aim

What will you do with more vitality in your life?

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