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Let's find your spark

When Great Ideas Meet Inaction

Helping Smart, Sensitive, Stuck OTs

Do you relate to any of the following terms?

High-achieving, detail-oriented, perfectionist, over-thinking, risk-averse, afraid to fail, a big planner

...and are maybe a little stuck as a result of this anxiety nobody knows about. 

Let's slay your imposter monster so you can get into action!

In this FREE WEBINAR, you will learn:

  • Why we get stuck

  • Explore the relationship between the qualities that make us great OTs and burnout  

  • Learn how to get action-limiting thoughts and feelings out of the way so you can RISE & LIVE FULLY

  • How to cut your fear in half

  • Explore how essential self-compassion is to your resilience

  • What we all have backwards when it comes to confidence

  • Evidence-based skills to move forward and get UNSTUCK

  • Discuss and opportunity for more support and accountability in learning and LIVING these concepts