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Personal Development Planner

This planner is an aspect of my group coaching program for OTs, ACTivate Vitality - Rise & Live Fully but is also a wonderful resource on its own and I am thrilled that it became a BESTSELLER on Amazon!

Rooted in the evidence-based practices of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Occupational Science, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, this undated planner is designed to create vitality in your life by building:

  • Clarity of values - knowing what matters most to you.

  • Intentional actions - moving toward your values with your actions.

  • Psychological flexibility - helping us roll with challenges that will arise.

  • Mindfulness - deepening our engagement in the present moment with curiosity, openness, and non-judgement.

  • Helpful habits with flexibility.

  • Gratitude - deepening joy and present moment awareness.

  • Reflection - noting how our actions and experiences impact our lives.

  • Awareness - reflections to build authentic, intentional action.

  • Also mixed into the science, we have included wholehearted, soulful reflection, magic making, and wild wonder.

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A picture of the Activate Vitality personal development planner on the ACTivate Vitality website
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“If you want to identify me, ask me not where I live, or what I like to eat, or how I comb my hair,

but ask me what I am living for,

in detail, ask me what I think is keeping me from living fully for the thing I want to live for.”

ACTivate Vitality reviews on Balance wor

― Thomas Merton

Peek Inside...

ACTivate Vitality Personal Development Planner available on Amazon
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Have a look inside the ACTivate Vitality Personal Development Planner
The story behind the ACTivate Vitality
Personal Development Planner

Getting Started

There are many ways to approach the process. I encourage you to approach it like an experiment. Move forward imperfectly, try things out, see what approach you feel most drawn to.

We are building intention and vitality into our lives not the perfect, Pinterest-worthy layout. At the same time, if you love to be creative, go for it. Enjoy the process.  

Fun tools: Colourful pens, highlighters, markers, stickers, play with lettering

First Build Awareness


The intention of the first two weeks is to create more awareness of how you spend your time and how you are impacted by day to day occurrences such as your choices, avoidances, people, stressors, enjoyments, satisfaction, and energizers. Be sure to note the magic moments, the ones that feel like you're exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what connects you to your sense of purpose. 

  • Retrospective recording - no planning, just write what you did and reflect

  • Build a mindfulness practice

  • Build a gratitude practice

picture of activate vitality planner by Carlyn Neek

Next Move Forward Intentionally

At the beginning of the week, sync your digital calendar with your planner. Plot fixed appointments. I highlighted client meetings in orange to keep their info separate from my personal development journey. Then fill in the left column with inspirational and aspirational words to keep you focused on your growth. I like to block in my personal development priorities in a way that builds habit. Here I added valued self care activities in light blue. These were informed by my reflections above. I added some meal planning in dark blue and important tasks in the task list as well as habits I am working on in the habit tracker.

Next Move Forward Intentionally

At the start of each day, make a plan for the day. I've used the top three lines for my morning routine but you may want to put the top three priorities for the day. In addition to tasks and planned activities, be sure to include things that you're working on such as breaks, self-care, and valued activities. 

At the end of each day, reflect. Look at your completed day, check things off that you did as planned and highlight things that were especially impactful. At the bottom of each day, note something you are grateful for and a way you lived your values. If there are any big revelations, make note of them at the bottom of the page so you can incorporate these reflections as you build a life full of fulfillment and 


Invitation to Learn More

We invite you to join us for a free webinar that expands on the core processes in the ACTivate Vitality Personal Development Planner. These webinars are oriented to supporting SMART, SENSITIVE, and STUCK helping professionals learn to apply these evidence-based concepts to build vitality in their lives.   

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