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What if you could prioritize your
health, energy, and joy in this
seasonof life...

AND still have a successful business?

Calling all hard-working, impact-driven clinicians...

You thought success was supposed to feel better than this…

You deserve to step away from anxious overwhelm.

You deserve to feel aligned and energized..

The shift starts here.

This is where you gain the perspective, tools, and supportive accountability to turn your life into the one you’ve dreamed of with a business that serves you.

This is where you step out of chaos and find joy.

You’ve put your clients, family, and community first for years… and it’s starting to take a toll on your health. Your nervous system is rejecting the pace. Maybe you'll make a change when things slow down. But they never do.


As your eyes open, your phone is already buzzing with notifications and your to-do list runs off the page. You can't even begin to prioritize it.


Everyone seems to need you — clients, your partner, the kids, employees, the dog, and it’s always “just one more thing” they’re asking for. You’re everyone’s rock after all.


Friends and colleagues view you as capable and successful… but that’s not what it feels like inside.


It feels more like the wheels are about to fall off. 

Maybe you'll make a change when things slow down...

But they never do.

after all, You're
everyone's rock

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This hustling pace isn’t sustainable, you’re well aware, but you can’t imagine letting anyone down by doing less.

You often wonder, exasperated,

“If I don’t do it… who will?”

You’re not alone in this. It’s an all too common frustration — especially for healthcare workers. And even more so for those of us who are socialized to be nurturers and achievers.


You serve others, meet their needs, and pour into them daily. Add in life’s demands and a tendency to say yes to everything… well, you know the rest of the story. 

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You’re solution-oriented too, so you’ve dug in and tried to fix this on your own. 

Meditation apps, self-help books, productivity hacks, spin class, booking a vacation, diet changes, and seeing all kinds of specialists to combat the fatigue, anxiety, and physical ailments... you’ve tried it all.


You’ve also tried traditional business coaching, looking for the magic system or procedures that will finally lighten your load.


But instead, you found a long list of the things you’re “supposed” to do but don’t have time for. 

Have you finally met the one thing that a little more hard work can't fix?

At the end of the day, you want the rest of your life to feel less rushed… and more peaceful.

You want to do good in the world without being stretched so thin.

The good news?

You CAN create a new reality for yourself. 


One where you can serve your people, do the work you love, and maintain your relationships without sacrificing your mental, physical, or emotional well-being. 

What you really need is a combination of…


Evidence-Based Methods

to regulate your nervous system, manage anxiety, overwhelm, perfectionism, and other inner hang-ups that are holding you back.


Personalized Support

and guidance as you make intentional changes — keeping you accountable and on the right track, navigating the challenges as you do.


A Community

filled with clinicians who “get it” because they’re also working (imperfectly) toward goals of loving life and business again. Build new norms and ground together.

When these pillars are simultaneously present, they open the door for genuine, long-lasting change and vitality in life.


Community    Choice    Connection    Co-regulation 


When we have more awareness and feel safe in ourselves, we are able to make shifts and choices in how we engage with the world and our businesses.

A quick note from Carlyn

As a mental health OT, I noticed how many helping professionals were silently struggling with anxiety, overwhelm, and perfectionism AND how this was putting them on a fast-track to burnout. (Even though they looked “fine” from the outside.) 

The healthcare systems they worked in didn't step up to support them as employees as they spiralled into exhaustion...

(My big why)

but who was taking care of them? 

In my mental health private practice, I tried to help one at a time but they often didn't find me until things had become so unbearable that they could no longer work. 

I knew this had to change, so I curiously started creating and testing something.


My hunch was correct. I could help the helpers identify their values, make an intentional series of micro-changes, and create a life that brought them joy and vitality. 


It’s all about learning the foundations, identifying what matters most to you, and having the support and guidance to make small changes. Adjusting your sails bit by bit allows you to chart a new course in a manageable and sustainable way. (Even if you’re totally swamped and spinning circles right now.) 

A few years ago, I used the same process I’ll be teaching you to create shifts in my business to align it with my life goals and life stage shifts I was experiencing.


Now I’m on a mission to connect with therapy business owners, just like you, who are tired of feeling like they’re in a pressure-cooker. 


You’ve worked so hard and given so much. It’s time someone poured into you and helped you turn your life into one that feels great instead of just looking good from the outside.


Where therapy business owners come to rediscover themselves beyond productivity and

invite peace, vitality and even joy back into their lives. 


Science-backed practices. Practical goals. 

Accountability for small steps to big changes.

When you ACTivate Vitality, it means you'll...

  • Intentionally pause and evaluate how your business fits your current life phase. You’ve grown and changed and your business can adjust accordingly. 

  • Clarify your values and unapologetically align with them to begin living with peace and clarity.  

  • Confidently and compassionately create boundaries in your work and life — even if you’ve spent decades saying yes to everything.

  • Discover tools to manage overwhelm, overthinking, overworking, overgiving, and perfectionism every time they flare up… then you can work toward your big goals faster and easier.

  • Rediscover the person who used to have fun, be spontaneous, or take off to the mountains for the weekend. 

You’ll get supportive accountability, resources, and the ability to navigate any sticky situation life (including business) throws at you. 

It’s the perfect blend of… 

Item Title

Personal Development


Item Title

Business Evolution


Item Title

Professional Education

Think of it like a personal + business mastermind, supporting your holistic needs rather than attempting to separate your personal growth from your business evolution. 

You’re in a new stage of life, and the habitual hustle and grind is no longer serving you. Your priorities are shifting and you know deep inside that it’s time to shift, to align your business with your life priorities.

“Thank you for giving me a place to be messy, to fail, to reflect.
I love reflection and awareness now because I can then move forward with intention. The cycle of up and down had to stop because it was emotionally exhausting me. Awareness is key.”

A.R., OT Entrepreneur

Take a peek at your path to more
peaceful flow, joy, and vitality…


Foundational Learning

Self-paced modules lay the foundation for your growth. It’s where you dig into your current needs, values, and desires, notice where you get hooked, then make adjustments so you can live in full alignment. You’ve grown and changed over time, and it’s time for the way you live and work to grow with you.  


This part of ACTivate Vitality is self-paced and private, letting you grow at your own pace and in your own way.



Individualized Support & Guidance

A combination of one on one coaching and weekly+ mastermind calls create a safe and grounding foundation for change. Supportive accountability,  implementation strategy, and brainstorming with other sage clinicians is invaluable. This is where you discover you're not alone in the challenges you're facing (and the heavy load you're carrying.) 


Co-regulation, community, and connection are available to you PRN, so come as often as you like to feel connected, ask specific questions or gain perspective on sticky situations.

An Unbeatable, Private Online Community

A no-pressure way to get to know other ACTivate Vitality members. It’s a safe space for anyone to share what they’re working through and get feedback from other skilled, empathetic therapy business owners. 


You can get supportive accountability by sharing your intentions, wins, yesses, nos, and struggles, or simply follow along quietly and discover that we’re all dynamic beings who struggle in some areas and thrive in others. 


You’ll see how freeing it is to authentically share your wins and challenges along the way. Sometimes we celebrate a launch, othertimes we celebrate taking a nap. It all counts as values-aligned action and prioritizing your own goals.


ACTivate Vitality Personal Development Planner

This planner was thoughtfully designed to provide structure and guide both your self-reflection and value-aligned actions each week. 


(Although it’s been a bestseller on Amazon, it was actually carefully designed to partner with this program and integrate with the modules, support, and accountability.) 


It’s a tool you can use as soon as it hits your doorstep and if you like it, you’ll be able to continue to use this planner to support your balanced, intentional living for years to come. 

Also… in this community, you’ll be empowered to use anything that helps you and pass on the rest. After all, this is all about aligning YOUR life with YOUR values to reach YOUR goals. This is a welcoming space where each unique person is supported in their own life and journey.  

And to ensure you have absolutely everything you need, you'll also get these bonuses as soon as you join...

Keep Growing Together 

This membership area is ever-expanding to meet your needs and keep up with latest market shifts. Want to know everything I learned about ChatGPT, podcasting, or self-publishing?

You gain free access to Keep Growing Together throughout your time in ACTivate Vitality. You’ll then have the exclusive opportunity to continue your personal and professional journey and Keep Growing Together should you so choose!  

A constantly growing bank of training and resources for business and life. Personal and business evolution are an ongoing journey. We're never "done" refining ourselves. To best meet your needs at any stage of business, you gain access to this membership area as soon as you join ACTivate Vitality.  Inside, you'll find resources for nearly every area of business plus vitality-boosting support and accountability. Quarterly Business Reflection and Planning Intensives Procrastination-Buster Coworking Sessions Nourish Your Nervous System Calls Sales, Marketing, and Operations trainings for your business Guest Speakers — tech, systems, planning around your rhythms, polyvagal theory, burnout and more

Untitled design.png

Bonus: One on One Breakthrough Calls

Targeted, confidential support for unique situations or big blocks.  


You’ll have the opportunity to book quarterly 1:1 breakthrough calls with Carlyn. 


Occasionally, a situation requires extra confidentiality or can’t be brought to group calls. I know this happens from time to time, which is why I’ve built in individualized support to help you overcome obstacles and regain your momentum.


Also, clinicians often wonder if group calls will provide the support they need or if they’ll be comfortable on group calls. 


The good news is I consistently hear that the group calls are THE most valuable part of ACTivate Vitality… but I’ll still offer these 1:1 calls as you discover how the group calls provide a safe harbour to grow imperfectly together during this whole-life mastermind. 

If you’ve read this far, there’s a good chance ACTivate Vitality is the place you’re meant to be. 


Especially if any of these sound familiar… 


  • People admire your success, but you’re feeling the weight of maintaining the facade when inside you’re depleted and overwhelmed. 


  • You don’t know how to say no, and you feel like if you had a *little more* time and space, you’d get everything sorted out.


  •  You’re passionate about serving and changing lives… but lately you’ve been feeling like you’d rather throw in the towel. 


  • People depend on you — employees, family, clients, your community… you’re doing all-the-things for all-the-people, all-the-time. 


  • It feels like you’re playing whack-a-mole with physical problems that keep popping up — headaches, anxiety, digestive issues, breakouts, and pain.


And more than anything right now, you want… 


  • White space on your calendar. Space to breathe, take a walk, or sit in the sunshine without responding to text messages and emails. 


  • To rediscover the fun, carefree person you once were, before life and business started to squeeze her out of the picture. 


  • Take a break from being the “go-to-person” for everyone and everything, without feeling guilty. 


You worry that if you take your foot off the gas, everything you built will crumble. 


You want to create a life that fills your bucket, revives your health, and in turn, inspires everyone around you to prioritize their wellness and mental health.  

Here's what our community members shared about being in ACTivate Vitality. 

"I don’t feel blocked in. I don’t feel like another person owns my life and energy. I have more control over that."

"ACTivate Vitality has shifted my perspective. I now approach business hurdles with curiosity rather than dread."

"I've learned to not lose my cool amidst chaos. The stakes are high, but so is my capacity to navigate them with grace." 

“I ‘know’ the information, we’re OTs who preach occupational balance on a daily basis… but that doesn’t mean I can or will implement it into my own life or get support for me. I needed the camaraderie, someone to listen and give an opinion back so I could stay on track.” 

“Imagine finding yourself in a place in life where you think you have become the professional, the woman, the mother, the friend you had once dreamed about becoming but constantly feeling like you’re undeserving, you don’t belong, you aren’t achieving enough and you’re stuck - unable to make a move away from those feelings of despair. That’s where I found myself.” (Before joining ACTivate Vitality)

**Important Note on Inclusion**

Individuals who are single or part of traditional, non-traditional, and blended families at any stage of life are celebrated, supported, and safe here. Neurodiverse, LGBTQ+ and all cultures are encouraged to come as your authentic selves here. The program supports your values and meets your needs, not an arbitrary set of values.

Thea Testimonial.png

"I knew the 1:1 support from Carlyn was going to be pure gold. She’s so amazing at what she does. She’s so easy to speak with. I was so motivated to do the work and join the group chat to get her wisdom."

"She listens so deeply. You feel so seen and so heard. Those are the connections I like in my life. "


"She demonstrated the ability to problem solve and help you work around any barriers."

"She saw my fears and floundering and dreams as a real possibility and can help me get there." 


"After Carlyn’s call I felt a quiet confidence that this was the right path and she’d step up to meet my needs whatever they may be as I went through the program."


I'd love to talk to you

I'm Carlyn Neek and I created this program to liberate therapy business owners like you.

You’re a go-getter, hard worker, and have put on a brave face for a long time. But you and I both know this pace isn’t sustainable forever. You’re feeling the strain mentally, physically, and emotionally. You help people all day long, now it’s time to make space to take care of your needs and get the support you need to make the fundamental changes to sustain that shift over time.


You absolutely deserve to live a life that’s rewarding, energizing, and aligns with your values and that includes how you run your business.


The first step is booking a Clarity Call to ensure this is a great fit for you. I’ll answer questions, explain more, or we can discuss a sticking-point your dealing with right now. 


I can’t wait to help you transform your life into one that feels liberated, joyful, and energized. I want you to feel excited to wake up each morning and live life fully.

The ACTivate Vitality Guarantee

Your life and business can be transformed into something that brings you joy, supports your well-being, and also has the impact you want in the world. 


As a clinician business owner, you’re the least likely to get support and the most likely to have more piled onto your already full plate. 


That’s why I’m determined to make prioritizing energy-infusing changes in your life the easiest choice you’ve made all week. 


ACTivate Vitality cultivates incredible improvements in the lives and businesses of helping professionals, and I want that for you as well.  


That’s why I’m offering a generous, action-backed guarantee. 


If you participate for 30 days — (which means doing at least the first 3 modules, using the planner as the program directs, and participating in 3 calls), and you feel this program is truly not for you then I’ll provide you with a full refund. 


We’re committed to making big changes through small, achievable actions. This refund policy ensures you kick analysis paralysis to the curb and take action. 


“I am learning strategies to help through tough moments and always know that not only do I have an amazing mental health coach who is walking this journey with me but also a group of others who are connecting and sharing the space. The community of our group is diverse and Carlyn has created such a non-judgmental, safe space for us to process, grow, and transform. I am forever grateful for our work together.” 

— Erin T. 

“I honestly could not have imagined this much growth that I’m experiencing, especially in such a short amount of time. I am so grateful to have found Carlyn and this group. Thank you; you have saved me!” 

— K.M.

Paper and Pencil with hand_edited_edited.jpg

“Being a member of the Activate Vitality program has given me the clarity, the courage and the community to take small moves toward valued actions in my life. Each small move has added up to big ones, but I’m certain I wouldn’t have had the tools to get there on my own without the ease the AV program has given me.  — Jasmin R

I’m glad you found your way here. 


My name is Carlyn and I show up as a whole human in all I do. I've had a mental health private practice since 2007 and I'm proud to have had opportunities to inspire international OTs but if you spend a little time with me you'll know that I can often be found throwing clay on the pottery wheel, growing too many tomato starts in spring, or cheering from the sidelines like a typical Canadian hockey mom. 🏒 


I’ve spent a couple decades as a mental health occupational therapist, where I have helped all sorts of people return to work by cultivating resilience, balance, values-alignment, and authentic success in their lives. Many of my clients went from the lowest lows to engaged, fulfilled members of society again, returning to work in leadership and professional roles. Helping people get their lives back feels incredible. 

Self Care - A Mindset Shift.png

As the years passed, I couldn’t help but wonder… 


What if I could help people before they reached clinical burnout, major depressive episodes, or another career-altering mental health crisis? 


What if I could support these brilliant professionals when the check-engine light came on and give them the tools they needed to get back to a joy-filled, balanced life before they hit rock-bottom? 


⬆️ That’s exactly how ACTivate Vitality — Rise and Live Fully was born. 


In a world that promotes hustle, productivity, achievement, and sacrifice (often to the detriment of your own health and family) I’m here to help you cultivate a life that fills your cup and adds joy to your day

Together, we’ll create a values-aligned, resilient, beautiful business and life that serves you and serves the people you care so deeply for.



Is this business coaching?

Still have questions?
I have answers.

ACTivate Vitality is personal and professional development coaching. As human beings who own therapy businesses, how we function in all of our roles is connected. When we are depleted, exhausted, overextended, overthinking, avoiding, or overfunctioning, all of our roles are impacted. As a busy business owner, you have the ability to shape your business and your life in a values-aligned, sustainable, and even joyful way. You’ll discover where you nervous system, inner voice, habits, and choices are derailing your efforts (plus how to adjust them!) Since the community members are therapy business owners, we have an ever-growing amount of collective wisdom and also business evolution training included in the Bonus Keep Growing Together area. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask business related questions during the weekly calls. So, although the only focus of this program isn’t business coaching… you’ll have support and many people available to answer your burning business questions. If you have specific needs, we can always work to bring an expert into the Growing Together membership as well. This program is flexible and designed to adapt to meet your needs.

AV Logo transparent.png
How much time does ACTivate Vitality require?

You’ll have access to all the modules, group calls, and bonus resources for 6 months with your initial investment. This allows you time and space to learn at your own pace, complete adequate reflection, and make positive changes. The program is designed to complete in 4 months, so the 6-month membership allows you a buffer for when the inevitable happens in life. Life WILL happen while you’re in this program. Setbacks, challenges, unexpected events… they will occur during your time in ACTivate Vitality. These provide an opportunity for you to implement your new skills in real life, plus you’ll be able to get support and a new perspective on your situations during the calls. This program is designed to complete alongside your life, even during a busy phase. (So don’t panic when challenges or setbacks arise during your time here. It’s all part of the process.) The training modules are intentionally short and consumable. They’re between 4 and 25 minutes long. Plus you can listen while on a walk or in the school pick-up line. The weekly meetings are an hour to an hour and a half long, and there is no requirement to attend on a consistent schedule. Overall, if you spend 1-2 hours a week learning, reflecting, and implementing new ideas you’ll be well on your way to adjusting your sails and moving away from burnout, frustration, and overwhelm.

What kinds of strategies and techniques will I learn in the ACTivate Vitality program? 

The foundation of the modules and workbooks in ACTivate Vitality is rooted in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). These techniques will help you to respond more effectively to the challenges and stresses of life. Here are some examples: Mindfulness Techniques: Learn to be present, engaged, and decrease rumination Defusion Techniques: Separate yourself from unhelpful thoughts and observe without judgment Acceptance Techniques: Make room for difficult feelings and increase resilience Clarifying Values: Identify what truly matters and make value-aligned choices Committed Action: Set goals and take deliberate effective action Self-Compassion Practices: Be kind to yourself, especially in stressful times The combination of these will provide you with a toolkit to respond flexiblity to entrepreneurial stress, prevent burnout, and also cultivate a meaningful and value-aligned life.

How much is ACTivate Vitality?

ACTivate Vitality is more than just an online program. It’s an investment in yourself that can change the trajectory of your health, business, and life in general. We've packed this program with high value, aiming to provide the tools needed to address the frustrations you’re currently experiencing. Our initial step for joining is a Clarity Call. It’s a chance for you to get a feel for what the program can do for you - to identify a roadblock and start navigating towards a solution. The investment is in the low 4-figure range for six months of full access ( including weekly calls, the community, and the Keep Growing Together bonus membership), plus ongoing access to the core content. The program length starts at 6 months, however, every person learns and grows at their own pace and each person has different goals. Maybe you need 9 months, or a year to accomplish what you want to do. Personal development and growth is an ongoing process, and I’ve set this up so you can choose to stay and continually reflect, refine, and realign — living a vibrant, intentional, and purposeful life. After 6 months, you’re welcome to stay with us at a reduced rate through Keep Growing Together. You can participate for as long as you’d like for less than you’d spend on one counseling session each month. (While ACTivate Vitality is not intended to replace individualized mental health care, many of our members find the combination of group calls, community, and the ability to share situations is the supportive structure they need.) There’s no obligation to join when you book a Clarity Call. I’d love to connect with you if you think ACTivate Vitality may be the right choice to help you step away from the hamster wheel and into a life that intentionally prioritizes rest, joy, service, and health.

What outcomes can I expect from the ACTivate Vitality program?


This program is designed to flexibly meet your needs and support your personal and professional evolution. Many of the clinicians who have joined the program did so because they recognized that the way they were living and working had become unsustainable and was starting to impact their physical and mental health as well as their most important relationships.


Your business and your life are unique just as your journey forward is unique. What might your own transformation look like?


Overall, this work leads to more vitality, happiness, peace and ease in the way you live and work. You’ll begin to step away from burnout, take control back from anxious thoughts, overwhelm and patterns of over-functioning. 


Here are some outcomes community members have reported: 


  • Leaving jobs that are killing them (and finding something that fits) 

  • Starting energizing passion projects (without burning the candle at both ends) 

  • Dropping the obligation to take care of everyone else first (without feeling selfish or guilty) 

  • Setting boundaries that support their wellness and empower others

  • Feeling more deeply connected to themselves and the people they love

  • Facing and handling their struggles rather than numbing or running away from them

  • Becoming aware of the underlying factors that contribute to habitual hustle and working with intention and self-compassion

  • Changing how they run their business so it’s more enjoyable and matches where they’re growing in life during this season

  • Changing business models to allow for the life they want


Many people in ACTivate Vitality didn’t know what they needed when they joined… but they knew they couldn’t go on living the way they were living. SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE and they needed some support and guidance to figure out what that change looked like. 


You’ll get multifaceted support that’s flexible enough to meet you where you are and help you work toward your unique goals. 


“I’ve been able to identify my why and become more aware of the limiting beliefs that act like velcro and hook me in place. I was able to use the planner to help me deal with perfectionism, procrastination, and paralyzing inaction.”  — AS

Let’s put things into perspective… 


I’d like you to think about six months ago. What you were doing and how you were feeling?


Time seems to slip by so quickly, right? It feels like both forever ago and only yesterday. 


Are things the same as they were then? Or have you made changes that are making your life one that you love living? 


Now, let’s take a moment to look at your future… 

Imagine your life six months from now. What do you want it to look like and feel like? 

Would you like to wake up with a sense of calm and stability, knowing you have the capacity to handle what’s coming your way each day? (Even if the unexpected happens, as it surely will.) 


What got you here served you well, but you’re entering a different season and your old ways won’t take you where you want to go. 

Your patterns, habits, commitments, and the pressures of life won’t change on their own. 

Getting up earlier, working harder, and adding more to your plate won’t give you the life you deserve or help you be the person/parent/partner you want to be. 


ACTivate Vitality has been carefully curated to facilitate important shifts for busy clinicians like you so you can get off the path to burnout and thrive in all areas of your life. 


The best time to start was yesterday… but the next best time is right now. You’ll never find the “perfect” time to join and you certainly don’t need to “have things figured out” before you step in. 


In fact, it’s even better if you don’t have it all figured out because an important part of ACTivate Vitality is digging in and helping you see all the things you can’t see. Then you can discover your most aligned and authentic path. 


We’re all climbing our own mountains in life, and it’s difficult to gain perspective when you’re so close to everything. But others have the perspective to see how far you’ve come and what lies ahead on your mountain… and you can see their path and give them perspective in return. This is the power of community and supporting each other. 


One ACTivate Vitality member described it in this way, “...the details are different, but the story line is identical at it’s core. It was so relieving and empowering to realize that. I knew I’d found the place I needed to be.” 

Join ACTivate Vitality to rediscover yourself beyond productivity and realign your life — even while juggling a busy schedule.



You’re a go-getter, hard worker, and have put on a brave face for a long time. But you and I both know this pace isn’t sustainable forever. You’re feeling the strain mentally, physically, and emotionally. You help people all day long, now it’s time someone supported you for a change. 


You absolutely deserve to live a life that’s rewarding, energizing, and aligns with your values. 


Investing in yourself also positively impacts your family, staff, and everyone around you. 


The question is, will you take this unique step toward health, confidence, and vitality? 


The first step is booking a Clarity Call to ensure this is a great fit for you. I’ll answer questions, explain more, or we can discuss a sticking-point your dealing with right now. 


I can’t wait to help you transform your life into one that makes you excited to wake up each morning. 


Talk soon, 


— Carlyn

Abstract Horizon

Here's a Recap of Everything Included

  • ACT-Based Course Modules with Indefinite Access ($1500 value)

  • Weekly Mastermind Calls for 6 months ($3000 value)

  • Private Online Community for 6 months ($600 value)

  • ACTivate Vitality Planner ($40 value)

  • Bonus #1: Individual Coaching Sessions ($600 value)

  • Bonus #2: 6 Months Access to Keep Growing Together Suite of Ever-Expanding Resources ($2500 value)

    • Monthly Nourishing Your Nervous System Practices​

    • Guest Coaches

    • Curated Love-Your-Business Resources

    • Quarterly Business Reflective Practice Sessions

    • How to Create an Online Offer Roadmap

    • Social Media Marketing System

    • Demos for online apps, AI, time blocking, self-publishing and more


Total Value = More than $8000

Today's Price is $2400 cad

(approx. $1750 usd)

If we have talked before and you've been waiting for the right time, click the button below to sign up. If you'd like to chat first, book a call.

Join March 25-31
and get 9 mos instead of 6 mos at no extra cost

“I know what to do. That’s how we got to where we are right now. By working harder, pushing harder, and being “fine” rather than digging into the fluffy stuff. Then I realized this isn’t fluff and it’s what will actually help me find balance in my life, enjoy life, and stop feeling terrible while telling everyone I’m “fine” — it’s the ticket outta here.”
“Carlyn is authentic, genuine, brave, vulnerable, caring, knowledgeable and supportive.She is skilled at knowing when to hold space and when to ask the tough questions to help me to reflect and discover the changes I need to make. This program truly changed my life by building my mental resiliency. I am grateful to have a community of incredible souls that support my vitality!”
“I take care of my staff, I take care of my kids, I take care of my community, I take care of my clients… I take care of everybody else. I work a lot in isolation and it can be really hard even though it appears that I have it all together and everything is great. Having other business owners who get it is really good. We’re all in this together and we’re going to rise together.”
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