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Carlyn Neek

My focus is helping build vitality in my clients by

helping them know and live their values wholeheartedly.

My program is called 

Rise and Live Fully.

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Hi, I'm Carlyn Neek. 

I am an Occupational Therapist and Certified Coach Practitioner.


I developed the ACTivate Vitality: Rise and Live Fully program to help the helpers.


In my Alberta O.T. practice I discovered that these were the very people least likely to ask for help when they needed it. And, these are the people who, when they are at their best, can be of the most help to others. 


The program was specifically designed to take people beyond coping to thriving.


It is online so you can work at your own pace, you have lifetime access and are part of a vibrant online community where you will find your tribe, celebrate wins and get support with challenges.


Read what some of the participants have to say.

I believe that participating in meaningful activity is the

cornerstone of building vital lives.


In order to do more of what matters, we need to reflect on our passions, magic moments and times of pain. In doing so, we gain insight into what we value and can build more intention, meaning and purpose into our lives.


This belief is at the core of

ACTivate Vitality.

Darwin Vehger

My Expertise

I am a mental health professional with nine years of university, 17 years in the field and continued training in neuroscience & mental health.

Formal Education

BA with a focus on Psychology

BSc in Occupational Therapy

Things I do to Connect to My Values

  • Travel with my family - openly, flexibly, curiously

  • Make Pottery - hands in the mud, creating, allowing

  • Gardening - indoors and outdoors, flowers, veggies

  • Quiet time in nature - Shirin Yoku, water, mountains, forest

  • Dancing - around my kitchen, old music

  • Authentic connection 

Kind words from some of my former O.T. clients.

Carlyn was a crucial part in my journey.


Her gentleness, patience, and compassion helped me accept where I was and helped me see, more clearly, where I was going. 


She used a great deal of empathy, which helped me feel safe at all times when working with her. 


She took a holistic approach where I was able to reflect and converse about everyday life problems and the tools I needed to have to overcome them. 


I am grateful for the time I had with her, the little and big victories we were able to celebrate together, and the authentic relationship we were able to have.

Past OT client, Stephanie, Calgary 

You have an incredible gift for empathy, empowerment, sincerity, and creativity!


I have felt so inspired by you personally.


Your dedication to personal and professional growth are very apparent in the high calibre of your work and character.


I have felt so lucky to come across an "outside of the box" thinker and believer.


You have given me hope when I felt none and that is a transformative power within you. 

Past OT client, nurse practitioner, Calgary 

I wanted to take a moment to express my most sincere gratitude for your compassion, empathy, encouragement, guidance and inspiration.

Past OT client, a CEO, Calgary 

Thanks for the benefit of your wisdom, experience and empathy. It's reassuring to get a sense that we are doing the right things and there is a path forward.

Past OT client, a senior leader, Calgary