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Unlock Your Business Potential with MINDFLEX: The Occupational Therapist's Guide

Looking to optimize your therapy business from the inside out? As a business owner, occupational therapist, and coach, I've seen time and time again how a shift how we view ourselves and our businesses can make all the difference. Mindset has become such a buzzword in business coaching and I'm a little tired of how it is used so I am going to encourage you to embrace a new term: MINDFLEX - the secret to unlocking your psychological flexibility and achieving success without the hustle.

Click the image to check out my Mindflex YouTube Video.

First, let me tell you why I don't love about the term MINDSET.

You hear it all the time from business coaches when a client isn't progressing.

"It's a mindset issue."

"You need to fix your mindset."

"Mindset is everything."

"If you don't have the right mindset, none of your skills will matter."

What do they mean? What does the listener do with this information? How is this helpful?

Here's what I hear when a business coach says, "It's a mindset issue." I hear, "I don't know why you're stuck. I've used all my tools and I can't fix it. It's a you problem so I'm going to blame it on this nebulous buzz word: Mindset."

Oxford Dictionary defines mindset as, "the established set of attitudes held by someone.” Merriam-Webster says, “a mental attitude or inclination, a fixed state of mind.” Hmmm. There's nothing about established and fixed that helps us in business.

What we actually need to be great entrepreneurs is FLEXIBILITY, ADAPTABILITY, CREATIVITY, and INNOVATION.

Enter my revision: MINDFLEX. Mindflex is all about being able to adapt and roll with life's challenges, rather than getting stuck in a fixed state of mind. It's about building resilience and responding effectively to obstacles, allowing you to live life fully engaged in what matters most to you.

So how can you build your MINDFLEX?

By embracing concepts from acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), positive psychology, and mindfulness and by recognizing that not everything that gets us stuck in a behavioural pattern that doesn't work for us can be dismissed as a "mindset issue." As a mental health occupational therapist, I work on building psychological flexibility, resilience, coping skills, and healthy habits to get internal obstacles out of the way of engaging fully in what we want to every day.

When it comes to business planning, it's easy to get stuck in perfecting all the details. If you embrace a little MINDFLEX, you might refocus on taking imperfect action, experimenting, building relationships, getting feedback, and pivoting when needed. It's about embracing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow, rather than being held back by fear-based avoidance or procrastination.

So if you're ready to get unstuck in your business and find more flow in your life, embrace MINDFLEX. Build your psychological flexibility, adapt to challenges, and respond effectively. With a MINDFLEX approach, success is within reach - without the hustle.

I love supporting therapy business owners at all stages of business to THRIVE without the HUSTLE. If you would like to explore what this could mean for you, book a quick chat here:


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