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Podcast Interview on Mindset

As part of the Mindset Mini-Series on the Mind Your OT Business podcast, Carlyn and Laura Park Figueroa discussed using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to face the challenging thoughts and emotions we all experience whether we are business owners or not.

Mindset is a bit of a buzzword these days and we sometimes tire of hearing buzz words that have been tied to fluffy ideas but there is good stuff to be found if we get past the buzz. We naturally gain confidence by doing new and challenging things but we are typically reluctant to try new things because we don’t YET have the confidence needed to give it a go. We are putting the cart before the horse if we think the confidence will come first. To build confidence we need to try something new and when trying something new, we will have discomfort. ACT can be a nice way of learning tools to make room for that discomfort.

The aim of ACT is to build psychological flexibility which makes it a bit easier to roll with the challenges that come up. In the podcast conversation, we learn that the nuts and bolts of ACT are largely mindfulness-based. There are 6 core processes which aren’t intended to be done in order.

ACT part of a third wave of cognitive behavioural therapies and it focuses on helping us unhook from (rather than change) the normal challenging thoughts and feelings that come up so that we can commit to doing something that’s important to us. Recall, we build confidence AFTER DOING the challenging thing, not before. This what ACT is all about. We don’t need to change how we think and feel before doing the thing. We do the thing and are more likely to think and feel differently afterward.

We have more power in changing our thinking by changing our doing. In this discussion we apply these concepts to the self-doubt and imposter syndrome that comes with being a health care professional and business owner. Approaching everyday life with a curious mind, remaining open and flexible allows us to face challenges in business and in life with self-compassion.

Interested in learning more? Download the Vitality Guide and tune in to episode 43 of the Mind Your OT Business podcast.


Carlyn is currently accepting invitations to speak on podcasts that align with her mission to put good, evidence-based mental health support out into the world. She's especially keen to support helping professionals because helping them allows them to keep helping others in this very challenging time.

If you like what you see and hear, reach out to to discuss this possibility.


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