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Dancing for Vitality Challenge

Will you join me for a 7-day challenge to improve our mental health?

It's simple - 7 days of dancing to one favourite song as part of your morning routine and posting about it with #dancingforvitalitychallenge to share in the collective energy and inspiration.

Bonus points for posting a video clip so we can feel the vibe. Don't feel comfortable posting it on your feed? Share it in the comments of my daily post on Facebook or Instagram

I'll post some inspo each day but do it your way. Any dancing is good dancing!

Why should we do this? (There's always science behind my madness.)

1. The doing comes before the feeling - Don't feel upbeat enough to dance. Perfect! Do it anyway and notice how you feel after. A little lighter? A little more energized? Smiling?

2. Community - It's a lonely time but if we can cause a collective movement of joyous dancing, I think the world could be a better place. In fact the collective experience is a big part of why dance makes us feel good.

3. Neurology - You brain will reward you with a flood of feel-good neurotransmitters. If you're a neuro-geek like me, check out the articles below.


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